Are you looking for a simple yet stylish way to get the most out of your yard or outdoor living areas? Consider having awnings above the doors and windows on both the sun up and sun set sides of your home.  Awnings are a smart and wonderful way to add some flair, color and personality to your deck and patio areas, while also offering valuable protection from the sun with protective shade.  










In Newport Beach, awnings are among the most basic of considerations that homeowners face when they are thinking about making shade augmentations to their home.  E.g., where will the awning be used?  What do you want it to do and what is should look like?  Manual or electric, self-programmed or automatic? Newport Beach awnings for decks and patios are perfect for those areas around the house that are in the direct path of the sun, because awnings don't just offer shade when you are under them, they also afford a great deal of protection for your outdoor furniture, BBQ equipment and plants, not to mention controlling the temperature on the surface of your deck or patio.

For the ultimate in convenience, Newport Beach awnings are definitely the way to go for outdoor areas of the home. A retractable awning can be extended quickly when you want to use it and retracted in a matter of seconds when not in use.  Today's' motorized retractable awnings for decks and patios work with the push of the button, they’re programmable and they offer the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. Most models allow you to retract or extend the awning from either indoors or outdoors providing the ultimate in energy savings, convenience and one-touch simplicity.

When choosing matching Newport Beach awnings colors, many homeowners opt to extend their indoor design scheme to the outdoors, adapting it to the outdoor environment, while others choose to go a completely different route altogether in order to create a unique look for their yard. No matter which way you go, keep in mind that the color you select can have an impact not just on the overall look but in how comfortable the awning keeps you as well.  Awnings in Newport Beach that are made with a lighter color fabric tend to absorb less heat and actually reflect more of the sun's intense UV rays. This results in a cooler environment overall, something at is definitely important during the hot summers along the Newport Coast.

Keep in mind that you expect your Newport Beach awnings to last for a long time. We do too. It is as smart an investment as would be adding a pool to your back yard.  It is not only functional and visually appealing; it adds absolute resale value to your home.  Therefore, awnings actually pay for themselves especially if you ever sell your home.  Go ahead and choose a color you like and a style that fits with your space and you'll be set up for years of enjoyment in your outdoor living space.  All American Awnings, Inc. offers the widest variety of stylers, colors and patterns.